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For positive safety outcomes


How  we help.


If you are seeking clarity around your current safety performance with an ambition to make improvements that also add value to the broader business then we would love to contribute to your success.


Verđa Consulting offers a wide range of support for organisations involved in the delivery of safety critical services: we excel in helping you create safety as a core value in the delivery of your operation thereby helping you achieve your safety performance goals.

Being practically focused and putting people at the heart of any safety strategy, we believe, provides the energy towards the ‘doing of safety’, going beyond the paperwork and the theory.


Strongly believing that Safety Risk Management allows room for innovation and flexibility, Verđa will work with you strategically, tactically and operationally, not only to adopt the most suitable and value add solutions in which to proactively achieve the positive safety outcomes being sought but to also contribute to improved organisational performance as a whole.

With a breadth of knowledge and skills in the field of Safety Risk Management, Human Factors/Human Performance, Threat and Error Management, Safety Investigations and Review, Organisational culture development including Just Culture, and Aviation Regulations, Neil welcomes the opportunity to support organisations with their Safety performance needs.

How we help
How we work

How  we  work .


Our approach is simple. Recognising that each business is unique, we work with you to understand your challenges, your ambitions and your people in order to support you in reaching your performance goals; each solution is created for your specific needs. At all times we will remain objective, be open and honest, and constantly strive to establish facts from which to work.

Through a variety of means, such as training interventions, facilitated workshops, 1-2-1 consulting and individual/team coaching, Neil provides advice and support at all levels from Senior executives through to personnel engaged in frontline operations. Through the simplification of complex concepts, a pragmatic mindset and the creation of a climate to enable essential critical thinking, Neil upholds the practicality he strongly believes, in order to support sustainable solutions.

About Neil

About Neil.


Strongly believing that safety is good for business but also an ethical duty, Neil strives to achieve practicality and simplicity. With a passion towards contributing to sustainable safety performance, Neil is driven to make a positive and lasting impact that delivers real business value.

​Neil has built up a wealth of experience and expertise through a variety of engagements, in complex safety critical environments, having supported numerous organisations globally, including regulatory authorities, over the past 15 years. With a strong background in both Civil and Military aviation along with experience with other industries, Neil is able to provide latest insight to his clients. This is further enhanced by Neil’s participation in industry working groups, hosting of industry workshops and attendance at numerous safety conferences, including presentation of multiple key note speeches.

Neil’s experience spans 30 years; having previously worked as a Principal Consultant for a World Leading consultancy in the field of Safety Management for 15 years, Neil’s career also included time as an ‘on wing’ Power-plant development officer holding Certificate of Maintenance Review signatory privileges, an authorised Certificate of Release to Service signatory holder and service in the Royal Air Force.

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